Refsports was founded in March 2011 by Martin Eikeland.
Refsports business concept is to develop applications and databases for hand-held units in order to make more efficient simple recording and reporting of match scores from team sports. The company was founded in March 2011 under the name REF AS and changed names in May 2012 to Refsports AS.

The team

Martin Eikeland
- Chairman of the board and founder. Many years' experience in building up large organisations and projects within the field of sports.
Tommy Holt
- Board member and CEO of the advertising agency Edison Wolfram
Håkan Antonsson
- Board member. (Represents Ekap, and investor)


Refsports have 3 main groups:

Small tournaments
Large tournaments
League Football (Under development)

You can download the apps from App Store and Google Play. For all groups it will be 2 apps, one for reporting from the matches, Refsports Football Reporting. Google Play: ( App Store:

One for following the matches, Refsports Football Results. Google Play: ( App Store:

We will have unique business model for these groups.

For small tournaments: The customers will pay for how many matches they want to report from, and the results app is free. Manually setup teams, players and matches. The first matches is free. Prices: 100 matches about 5,5 € (Offer until September 2016. Ordinary price 54 €, 500 matches = 108 €, 1000 matches = 180 €, Unlimited matches = 270 €.