Refsports tests a unique digital result reporting for large and small tournaments on mobile phones! Show original message

Refsports can finally offer a super easy-to-use digital result reporting app for both large and small football tournaments. With Refsports Reporting app, matches can now be collected directly from the match set up when the tests is finished. Also, match facts can be registered and reported to the secretary digitally via mobile phones or tablets - instead of pen and paper.

Makes life easier for tournament organizers!
Refsports unique digital result reporting app gives the tournament organizers many benefits:
A lot faster and more efficient result logistic.

A full overview over all the fields. The organizers can follow when the referees start and end the different matches.
If one choose to register match facts during the match, the organizer can give the audience and media a live score result service.
The referees or helpers do not have to run back and forth to the secretary after each match with the results written down on paper. The results are already restored.
How does digital match reporting work?

Digital reporting with Refsports result reporting app can be done in two ways:

1. Reporting after the match is over. The referee then writes down match facts during the match like they do today. The minute the match is over, the match facts and end result are transferred to Refsports Reporting app, approved by the coaches or managers and then digitally sent to the secretary.

2. Reporting while the game is being played - live score. The referee or a helper on the side line can register the results immediately in Refsports Reporting app during the match. Media, audience or even the people sitting at home can get the result updates live from all the matches during the whole tournament. When the match is over, the approved match facts and end result are digitally transferred to the secretary the same way as in alternative 1 above.

How to begin digital match reporting?

Live updates right in your pocket.
Start the match, register incidents and share with others!
Simple and efficient referee reporting in all channels.